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Units can start to meet face to face, if the Leaders wish to do so – check with your Unit Leader. County Trainings and Events will resume at a later date. For further information  please check here 


Severnvale Division is situated along the Eastern bank of the River Severn and includes Falfield, Stone, Rockhampton, Oldbury, Tytherington, Thornbury, Littleton-upon-Severn, Elberton, Alveston, Old Down, Rudgeway, Olveston, Tockington, Aust, Almondsbury, Easter Compton, Pilning and Severn Beach.  It is a diverse area covering industrial areas as well as rural areas and small villages.

Listed below are the units within the Severnvale Division

Division Team

Division President
Division Commissioner
Deputy Division Commissioner
Division Administrator
Division Treasurer
Division Rainbow Coordinator
Division Brownie Coordinator
Division Guide Coordinator
Division Ranger Coordinator
Division Young Leader Coordinator
Division Camp Adviser
Division Residential Adviser
Division Mentor Coordinator
Division GO Administrator
Division DBS (CRB) Verifier
Division PR Coordinator
Division Volunteer Shop Manager


1st Alveston
1st Olveston
1st Pilning
1st Thornbury
2nd Thornbury


1st Falfield & Stone
1st Olveston
1st Pilning
1st Thornbury
4th Thornbury
5th Thornbury (Christ The King)
6th Thornbury


1st Alveston
1st Olveston
2nd Thornbury
5th Thornbury (Christ The King)


1st Severnvale

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