COVID-19 update
Units can start to meet face to face, if the Leaders wish to do so – check with your Unit Leader. County Trainings and Events will resume at a later date. For further information  please check here 

Kingswood South

Kingswood South Division lies within South Gloucestershire.  We are a lively Division and provide lots of additional opportunities for the girls in our units.  These events may be sectional or for the whole Division and include day trips, indoor holidays, camps and international trips.  In addition to this we try and have a Division event once a year, whether this is a carol service, Thinking Day event or a fun day.  We have an excellent Division team who help and support leaders through their leadership qualification, with ideas for the unit meetings, trips outside of the unit meeting place and organising large scale Division events.

Listed below are the units within the Kingswood South Division

Division Team

Division President
Division Commissioner
Deputy Division Commissioner
Division Administrator
Division Treasurer
Division Rainbow Coordinator
Division Brownie Coordinator
Division Guide Coordinator
Division Ranger Coordinator
Division Young Leader Coordinator
Division Camp Adviser
Division Residential Adviser
Division Mentor Coordinator
Division GO Administrator
Division DBS (CRB) Verifier
Division PR Coordinator
Division Volunteer Shop Manager


1st Hanham (Methodist)
1st Kingswood - Bitton S
24th Kingswood (Warmley)
26th Kingswood (Kingswood Methodist)
2nd Cadbury Heath
32nd Kingswood
42nd Kingswood Bitton
44th Kingswood
9th Kingswood (Hanham)


16th Kingswood (Longwell Green)
1st Kingswood - Bitton
20th Kingswood (Christ Church Hanham)
24th Kingswood (Warmley)
26th Kingswood (Kingswood Methodist)
28th Kingswood (Christchurch Hanham)
2nd Kingswood (Holy Trinity)
31st Kingswood (Hanham Methodist)
32nd Kingswood (Potters Wood Methodist)
37th Kingswood (Kingswood Methodist)
38th Kingswood (Christchurch Hanham)
39th Kingswood - Longwell Green
44th Kingswood
47th Kingswood (Bitton)


16th Kingswood (Longwell Green)
1st Kingswood - Bitton
24th Kingswood (Warmley)
28th Kingswood (Christchurch Hanham)
32nd Kingswood (Potters Wood Methodist)
42nd Kingswood - Bitton
43rd Kingswood (Longwell Green)
5th Kingswood (Hanham Methodist)


1st Kingswood - Bitton
24th Kingswood (Warmley)

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