• Eileen Sims
    Eileen Sims 60 years Service
  • Elizabeth Cross
    Elizabeth Cross 50 years Service
  • Alison Heard
    Alison Heard 40 years Service
  • Tony & Barbara Hall
    Tony & Barbara Hall Thanks Badge
  • Jean Boyes
    Jean Boyes Vice President
  • Sophie King
    Sophie King DofE Bronze
  • Maria Cook
    Maria Cook DofE Bronze
  • Laura Cook
    Laura Cook DofE Silver
  • Abigail Mounter
    Abigail Mounter Chief Guide Challenge
  • Kira Tucker
    Kira Tucker Young Members Award
  • Alice Saunders
    Alice Saunders Queen's Guide
  • Annie Kantor
    Annie Kantor Good Service
  • Elaine Drayton
    Elaine Drayton Good Service
  • Lizzie Staples
    Lizzie Staples Good Service
  • Pam Smith
    Pam Smith Good Service
  • VIPs
    VIPs SW Chief Commissioner; Glos CC; Lord Mayor of Bristol; Deputy Lord Lieutenant Bristol & Glos; High Sheriff of Bristol & BSG CC