COVID-19 update
Units can start to meet face to face, if the Leaders wish to do so – check with your Unit Leader. County Trainings and Events will resume at a later date. For further information  please check here 

Introducing Acting County Commissioners

Sarah and I have taken on the role as Acting County Commissioners for BSG, holding the fort, in the short term, until a new CC is in post. Here is a little background about ourselves.

I am Diane Bouault and I am a Leader of the Rainbow, Brownie, and Guide Units in the village where I live near, Trowbridge, in Wiltshire. Working with our young members, providing them with a range of activities that are fun and challenging, giving them access to the great opportunities girlguiding can offer,  are the things which I feel are important. I’m at my most comfortable getting stuck in, as in the first photo with a hint of “Eau de woodsmoke”! I’m also keen for our Young members to have international experiences – something which I hope can be resumed in the not too distant future.

My other roles have been District and County Commissioner in Wiltshire South which is one of the smaller Counties in the Region. For the past four and a half years I have supported the South West Region Team as one the the Deputy Chiefs. We have been part of the Region events held in BSG from Roadshows at the SS Great Britain to all section events events like All the worlds A stage.

Diane Boualt  Diane Boualt 2

My name is Sarah French, and I am an Assistant Leader with a Bridgwater Guide Unit and was appointed as one of the Region’s three Deputy Chief Commissioners in June 2016. Prior to that I was County Commissioner for Somerset. My Guiding life began outside the Region. I am originally from Chesterfield in Derbyshire where I was a, Brownie, a Guide, and a Ranger. Then became a Leader, a role I continued in both Humberside and Hertfordshire before moving to Somerset in 1985.

I am married to Ken and we have a son, Ross, who is studying maths at Durham university. I have been a TA at a secondary school for many years.

I have been fortunate to have had some brilliant Girlguiding moments. I was fortunate to be CC during the Big Brownie Birthday, so I slept under Concorde at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, slept on Weston Supe Mare pier,  accompanied over 600 Brownies and their leaders on a chartered steam train on the West Somerset Railway. I was also very fortunate to meet HRH The Countess of Wessex at the opening of Somermead and to play Jenga with her! As a Region Deputy I have been fortunate to travel extensively around the whole Region. I believe I have visited all the 16 Counties and Islands that make up the Region and even to the Blackpool Tower for a sleepover. Meeting Anna McNuff last year was also very special.

Girlguiding means to me: Fun, friendship, and adventure! I would also say that I have made many lifelong friends who I would never have met if it was not for Guiding.

Sarah French  Sarah French 2

Sadly, with the current situation, we won’t meet many of you but we will be keeping you up to date with what’s happening nationally, regionally and locally.