COVID-19 update
Units can start to meet face to face, if the Leaders wish to do so – check with your Unit Leader. County Trainings and Events will resume at a later date. For further information  please check here 

  • Christine Dyer
    Christine Dyer 50 year Service
  • Pat Wadham
    Pat Wadham 50 year Service
  • Margaret Powell
    Margaret Powell 40 yr Service Award
  • Mary Budd
    Mary Budd 40 yr Service Award
  • Judith Egerton
    Judith Egerton Thanks Badge
  • Sue Hands
    Sue Hands Thanks Badge
  • Lord Lieutenant of Bristol - Mary Prior
    Lord Lieutenant of Bristol - Mary Prior Thanks Badge
  • David Hutton
    David Hutton County Standard
  • Rick Ellis
    Rick Ellis County Standard
  • Lesley Blanning
    Lesley Blanning County President
  • Abi Bowden
    Abi Bowden Gold Peer Educator
  • Hannah Ley
    Hannah Ley DofE Bronze
  • Jasmine Badman
    Jasmine Badman DofE Bronze
  • Rebecca Marr
    Rebecca Marr DofE Bronze
  • Talia Hacker
    Talia Hacker DofE Silver
  • Megan Ley
    Megan Ley DofE Silver
  • Hannah Ley
    Hannah Ley Chief Guide Challenge
  • Jasmine Badman
    Jasmine Badman Chief Guide Challenge
  • Kayleigh Ballam
    Kayleigh Ballam Chief Guide Challenge
  • Megan Ley
    Megan Ley Chief Guide Challenge
  • Nicole Crompton
    Nicole Crompton Chief Guide Challenge
  • Rebecca Marr
    Rebecca Marr Chief Guide Challenge
  • Talia Hacker
    Talia Hacker Chief Guide Challenge
  • Lorna Lee
    Lorna Lee TG Bronze Voyager
  • Marlene Crew
    Marlene Crew TG - Bronze Voyager
  • Wendy Prosser
    Wendy Prosser Trainer Qualification
  • Jacquie Godden
    Jacquie Godden Good Service
  • Kathryn Weeks
    Kathryn Weeks Good Service
  • Kay Moulder
    Kay Moulder Good Service
  • Libby Hunt
    Libby Hunt Good Service
  • Margaret Boyles (Exley)
    Margaret Boyles (Exley) Good Service
  • Pam Fyfe
    Pam Fyfe Good Service
  • Sheila Leaworthy
    Sheila Leaworthy Good Service
  • Janet Gleeson
    Janet Gleeson County Sea Stag
  • DofE & Chief Guide Challenge
    DofE & Chief Guide Challenge
  • Filton Rangers
    Filton Rangers
  • Filton Rangers
    Filton Rangers
  • Lord Mayor & Guides
    Lord Mayor & Guides
  • Lord Mayor & Guides
    Lord Mayor & Guides
  • VIPS