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  • Sheila Butler
    Sheila Butler 40 year Service
  • Sally Pugh
    Sally Pugh 40 Year Service
  • Laura Whiteway
    Laura Whiteway 30 year Service
  • William Roch
    William Roch Thanks Badge
  • Bethany Coke
    Bethany Coke Chief Guide Challenge
  • Ceri Jenkins
    Ceri Jenkins Chief Guide Challenge
  • Toni Sharp
    Toni Sharp Chief Guide Challenge
  • Rebecca Curley
    Rebecca Curley Young Members Award
  • Chloe Jenkins
    Chloe Jenkins Young Members Awards
  • Abigail Bowden
    Abigail Bowden Queen's Guide Award
  • Rebecca Curley
    Rebecca Curley Queen's Guide Award
  • Victoria Rowe
    Victoria Rowe Queen's Guide Award
  • Janet Gleeson
    Janet Gleeson Trefoil Bronze Voyage
  • Mary Harris
    Mary Harris Trefoil Bronze Voyage
  • Maria Jenkins
    Maria Jenkins Trefoil Bronze Voyage
  • Penny Moon
    Penny Moon Trefoil Bronze Voyage
  • Maggie Cook
    Maggie Cook Trefoil Gold Voyage
  • Wendy Nicholls
    Wendy Nicholls Trefoil Gold Voyage
  • Hayley Ashley
    Hayley Ashley Good Service
  • Cathy Carter
    Cathy Carter Good Service
  • Kathleen Gill
    Kathleen Gill Good Service
  • Pam Hodder
    Pam Hodder Good Service
  • Christine James
    Christine James Good Service
  • Verna Mason
    Verna Mason Good Service
  • Pennie Jones
    Pennie Jones Good Service
  • Elizabeth Penning
    Elizabeth Penning Good Service
  • Margaret Powell
    Margaret Powell Good Service
  • Morag Surridge
    Morag Surridge Good Service
  • Alexandra Plumb
    Alexandra Plumb County Sea Stag
  • VIPs Guest
    VIPs Guest Peaches Golding, Ian Blair, Janet Trotter, Carol Pennington, Andrew Tabor, Anthony Brown
  • All recipients
    All recipients
  • Trefoil Voyager Recipients
    Trefoil Voyager Recipients
  • Queen's Guide Recipients
    Queen's Guide Recipients
  • West Division Recipients
    West Division Recipients
  • Kingswood North Recipients
    Kingswood North Recipients
  • South Division Recipients
    South Division Recipients
  • Guides Assisting
    Guides Assisting