COVID-19 update
Units can start to meet face to face, if the Leaders wish to do so – check with your Unit Leader. County Trainings and Events will resume at a later date. For further information  please check here 


Listed below are the all the Brownie units within County

100th Bristol - Whitchurch South
103rd Bristol West
104th Bristol (St. Francis) SouthWest
105th Bristol (St. Edmunds Horfield) Concorde
106th Bristol (The New Church) NorthWest
109th Bristol (Westbury Park Methodist) NorthWest
10th Kingswood (Staple Hill Methodist) KingswoodNorth
121st Bristol (St. Michaels Two Mile Hill) NorthEast
128th Bristol (St. Oswalds Bedminster Down) SouthWest
134th Bristol (Totterdown Methodist) South
13th Kingswood (Badminton Road Methodist) KingswoodNorth
141st Bristol SouthWest
143rd Bristol SouthWest
145th Bristol (St. Aldhelms) SouthWest
14th Bristol (Holy Nativity) South
153rd Bristol (Brislington U.R.C) NorthEast
158th Bristol (Horfield Methodist) Concorde
15th Kingswood KingswoodNorth
167th Bristol (Horfield U R C) Concorde
16th Kingswood (Longwell Green) KingswoodSouth
175th Bristol West
176th Bristol (Fishponds Methodist) NorthEast
178th Bristol (Shirehampton) West
179th Bristol (St. Bonaventures) NorthWest
17th Bristol (Eastville Park Meth) NorthEast
183rd Bristol (Westbury Methodist) West
195th Bristol (Westbury Baptist) West
19th Bristol Concorde
19th Kingswood (Christ Church Downend) KingswoodNorth
1st Bradley Stoke FromeValley
1st Chipping Sodbury SouthCotswold
1st Coalpit Heath FromeValley
1st Connaught South
1st Falfield & Stone Severnvale
1st Frampton Cotterell FromeValley
1st Frenchay FromeValley
1st Hawkesbury Upton SouthCotswold
1st Kingswood - Bitton KingswoodSouth
1st Little Stoke Concorde
1st Marshfield SouthCotswold
1st Olveston Severnvale
1st Pilning Severnvale
1st Pucklechurch SouthCotswold
1st Thornbury Severnvale
1st Whitchurch (St Nicholas) South
1st Wickwar SouthCotswold
1st Yate SouthCotswold
202nd Bristol South
20th Bristol (St. Matthews) NorthWest
20th Kingswood (Christ Church Hanham) KingswoodSouth
21st Bristol (Henleaze U R C) NorthWest
23rd Bristol (Salvation Army) NorthEast
24th Kingswood (Warmley) KingswoodSouth
25th Kingswood KingswoodNorth
26th Bristol South
26th Kingswood (Kingswood Methodist) KingswoodSouth
27th Bristol West
28th Bristol (Westbury Baptist) West
28th Kingswood (Christchurch Hanham) KingswoodSouth
29th Bristol (St. Annes) NorthEast
2nd Bradley Stoke FromeValley
2nd Chipping Sodbury SouthCotswold
2nd Mangotsfield KingswoodNorth
2nd Patchway (St. Chads) Concorde
2nd Stoke Gifford (St. Michaels) FromeValley
2nd Stoke Lodge FromeValley
2nd Wick SouthCotswold
2nd Winterbourne Down FromeValley
30th Bristol (St. Josephs Fishponds) NorthEast
30th Kingswood (St. James Mangotsfield) KingswoodNorth
31st Kingswood (Hanham Methodist) KingswoodSouth
32nd Kingswood (Potters Wood Methodist) KingswoodSouth
34th Bristol (Sea Mills Methodist) West
37th Kingswood (Kingswood Methodist) KingswoodSouth
39th Kingswood - Longwell Green KingswoodSouth
3rd Filton (St. Peters) Concorde
3rd Frampton Cotterell FromeValley
3rd Kingswood (Lyde Green) KingswoodNorth
3rd Yate SouthCotswold
40th Bristol (Horfield Baptist) NorthWest
41st Bristol NorthEast
45th Bristol (Brentry Methodist) West
47th Bristol (St. Andrews Hartcliffe) SouthWest
47th Kingswood (Bitton) KingswoodSouth
48th Bristol SouthWest
49th Bristol SouthWest
4th Kingswood (Staplehill Methodist) KingswoodNorth
4th Patchway (Holy Family) Concorde
4th Thornbury Severnvale
4th Westerleigh SouthCotswold
4th Yate SouthCotswold
54th Bristol (Clifton Parish Church) West
55th Bristol (Fishponds Baptist) NorthEast
57th Bristol (Christchurch Clifton) West
5th Bristol (St. Andrews Avonmouth) West
5th Thornbury (Christ The King) Severnvale
69th Bristol (Stapleton Baptist) NorthEast
6th Thornbury Severnvale
71st Bristol SouthWest
72nd Bristol South
74th Bristol (St. Aidans Church) NorthEast
78th Bristol West
79th Bristol (St. Martins Knowle) South
7th Bristol (Southmead Baptist Church) Concorde
83rd Bristol (St. Michael & All Angels) SouthWest
84th Bristol (St. Peters Henleaze) NorthWest
88th Bristol (St. Bartholomews) NorthWest
89th Bristol South
8th Bristol (Christ Church Hengrove) South
91st Bristol (Westbury On Trym) West
92nd & 63rd Bristol (Bishopsworth & St Peter's) SouthWest
93rd Bristol (St. Albans) NorthWest
97th Bristol (St Martins) South
98th Bristol (St. Peters Henleaze) NorthWest
99th Bristol (Bethesda Methodist) NorthEast
9th Bristol (St. Marys Stoke Bishop) West
9th Kingswood (Emersons Green) KingswoodNorth