Badminton Cottages 100 Club

Badminton Cottages have been a place of fun and happy memories for generations of girls and an enthusiastic support team works hard to ensure that this will continue now and into the future.  But as with everything the buildings need funds to help keep them well equipped, in good repair and a safe space for our girls to enjoy.  For some years the Badminton Cottages 100 club has been helping with this whilst giving members the chance to take part in monthly and annual cash draws.

The club year runs from September to August so now is the time to renew your membership or consider joining – the first draw of the new club year will be on September 27th so although you can join at any time of the year applications made before this date will be entered into all 12 draws.

Use the application form to join and help bring fun and happy Guiding memories to our girls.