Visit to Thornbury Fire Station

On 22nd May, 4th Thornbury Brownies visited Thornbury Fire Station as part of their Fire Safety badge. They had a tour of the station and appliances, they found out how the fire service works and what happens when it receives an emergency call and had a go at using the appliance hose. They also found out practical fire safety information including the best places to put smoke alarms and how to check them, how to prevent smoke entering a room, how to check for fire behind a door and what to do if someone's clothes caught fire. We followed this up back at the unit by role playing calling 999 and making escape plans in case there were ever a fire at home.

The brownies had a fantastic time but also came away with lots of useful information that enabled them to achieve their fire safety badge. We are very grateful to the retained fire fighters at Thornbury Fire Station for giving their time to us.


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